Web Development Portfolio


Step 1 - Discovery Meeting

Knowing Your Business

To plan and build the best website, we first need to get to know you - you’re the expert on what you do. Our job is to tap into that expertise and help you showcase it on the web.

Step 2 - The Proposal

Let's Agree To Build Something Awesome

Once we have a deeper understanding of you needs, our goal is to ensure that we'll be able to deliver what you're looking for within a defined timeframe and budget. A formal project proposal form our end helps you evaluate the various options and picking what best fits your need. Transparency at the outset goes a long way in conjuring something awesome. .

Step 3 - Prototyping

Laying The Foundation

Once we've agreed to the plan, we begin exploring colour palettes, typography, textures, and layouts. By separating aesthetic choices from content, we’re able to focus on making your brand stand out on the web. Using responsive HTML, CSS3 and jQuery technologies, we begin to build your website architecture, layout templates and content management. Responsive design ensures that your site is flexible and scalable across browsers and all modern devices such as computers, tablets, and phones. The prototype gives you a sneak peak into how a user would navigate through your site, interact with links, menus and forms.

Step 4 - Core Development & Quality Assurance

Putting The Pieces Together

Once you're happy with the aesthetic aspect, we start stitching design and content together to start building the final product. As the site starts taking shape, we take it through a thorough testing and QA process, eliminating any bugs as they come up. If desirable, we also help polish your content to a high gloss.

Step 5 - Site Launch

Showcasing It To The World

This is the most exciting part of the project – throwing open the doors to your new website! We perform any last minute optimizations, deploy the site to the server and ensure Google Analytics is in place for you to track incoming traffic - from this point onwards it's all about watching our collective effort reap results.